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  • Ok, after having a new computer, crashes all over and now working on a laptop for a couple of months I managed to get the sources of my pages back and for sure they need a lot of updating.
  • Sorry for the huge delay!
  • Added the release of Pegasus Mail 4.73 to the pages.

  • Mijn eigen homepage in het Nederlands heb ik weer eens doorgelezen en up-to-date gebracht.
  • Addded my Jazz addiction to the Dutch hobby page.
  • The page you now read has been cleaned out a bit.

  • Added new pages to my version 4.7 page for the release of 4.71 and 4.72 versions.
  • Updated the "All versions" page (now up to 4.72).
  • Added a page dedicated to the TCP logs directory which will be created when requested.
  • It was time to honour the Mail directory with it's own page.
  • Created a page about the Pegasus Mail Commandline
  • Created a page about the Commandline -Z flags
  • Added entry's for the new pages on the menu page, updated it a bit and removed tons of dead links.
  • Due to the death of Pegasus Mail betateam member Jerry Wise I have removed all references to his e-mail and former pages.

05-Aug-16:   After switching to Windows 10 it seemed to be impossible to find the source of the website. I restored the website from the server, swiched to Synwrite for maintenance and am almost up-and-running Stay tuned for changes, very soon.
I even have to add the 4.71 and 4.72 Pegasus Mail versions to the site and tons of other things to fix. I will do so shortly.
Thanks for staying with me...

  • Today we heard the terrible news that Jerry Wise has passed away.