Last update 30-Dec-2003.

MERCURY /32: Changes and additions for version 4.01a

This version is released on 19-December-2003.

The following changes have been made after the release of the former 4.01 version:

  • If the mail server name "maiser" has been redefined, MercuryB will now correctly pick that up.
  • MercuryB now has a new field called "Domain name for URLs", which allows you to specify the name it should use when forming URLs in the pages it serves. If this field is left blank, MercuryB will use the core module's "My Internet domain name" value (as it does now).
  • A problem where the Errors-To: field of mailing list mail is set to "(null)" in many cases has been fixed.
  • The UI for the "Move to a directory as a file" action in content control has been fixed - it now allows you to select a directory and correctly updates the value you select.
  • The help has been updated in places
  • Fixes the problem where a rule that added headers could result in the body of the message being lost.
  • Extends the internal buffer sizes for MercuryI STORE commands.
  • Has some amendments to SPAMBUST.DAT, specifically for catching "P.ris H.lton" spams, general mortgage refinancing spams and cable TV fraud devices.
  • You can now set a default password that Mercury will apply to the record of any new subscriber to a list if the subscription attempt does not set a password. This does *not* retroactively apply passwords to existing users with no password - only to new subscriptions, and only if the user does not specify a password.
  • A new "Special" button in the membership page of the mailing list configuration dialog allows you to apply one password to all subscribers who do not currently have a password defined.
  • You can now use "End" as a synonym for "Exit" in commands to maiser
  • A problem where lock files (*.QCL) would sometimes not be properly removed when a job was aborted has been corrected.
  • Some extra safeguards have been put in place to reduce the risk of mailing list member files being zeroed during maintenance.
  • CC now checks for obfuscated variants of 'G' and 'L', and adds a couple of extra obfuscation characters to the existing tests.
  • SPAMBUST.DAT has been updated with a couple of extra tests, including a rule that adds a very small weight for any message containing a URL in the .BIZ top-level domain (on its own, this weight doesn't amount to much, but it will push some other rule combinations that don't quite make the necessary weight over the edge).
  • There is a new "Save and lock Window Positions" command on the "Window" menu. When you select this, Mercury will forcibly save your current window layout, and will then mark WINDOWS.MER as read-only. Of course, the routine is smart enough to mark the file as Read/write again before attempting to update it. This isn't a perfect workaround for the loss of window positions problem, but it does work quite well.


Han van den Bogaerde
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