Last update 10-Aug-09.


This version, 4.72 is released on 21-July-2009.

Changes and additions for version 4.72 - added since the release of version 4.62.
  • This version has support for direct-connect SSL to the IMAP server (only).
  • This version can be run as a native Windows Service (finally!!).
  • Fixes the problem with CPU maxing out in service mode. CPU usage should now be normal.
  • Has a change that should correct a situation where Daemons would no longer load without a full path to the DLL in DAEMON.INI (services do not have a default "working directory", so now Mercury will force a current directory by itself).
  • There is a new splash graphic reflecting the updated version number.
  • The help has been largely updated - there is now a section (linked on the contents page) on running Mercury as a service.
  • You can now suppress short-term blacklisting on specified address ranges in MercuryS, MercuryI and MercuryP: do this using a connection control ACL entry. This will allow people using shared addressing technologies to prevent all their users from being locked out because of the actions of one idiot.
  • There was a nasty bug in Mercury's content control in which certain types of addresses (in particular, any single address longer than 256 characters within a multi-address string) will cause an instant crash. Fixed
  • A new MercuryS connection control attribute is added, that allows you to exempt certain address ranges from message size restrictions. So, if the attribute is enabled for a connection in the specified range, MercuryS will accept messages of any size even if an ESMTP size limit is in effect globally.
  • Mercury would crash when it attempts to apply Content Control to an address like:
    =?iso-8859-1?Q?S=E4hk=F6po etc.
    This has now been fixed
  • Adds an ad-hoc fix for a problem with MercuryC blocking the core module in very large queues.
  • Includes a fix for certain types of RFC2047-encoded subject fields with line breaks that could cause crashes in older versions.
  • Includes the ability to exempt connections from size restrictions in MercuryS (in the "connection control" page).
  • Includes more updates to the help, in particular with regard to specifying APOP shared secrets in the MercuryP help.
  • If you have a message that contains these headers
    From: David
    Reply-to: David

    and it is submitted to a copy of Mercury running as "", the MAIL FROM that will be sent to the remote host will be

    MAIL FROM:<>

    The fix has been applied to both MercuryE and MercuryC

Han van den Bogaerde
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