Last update 15-Sep-2022.


This version, 4.91 will be released shortly.

I'm very sorry but the Mercury releases 4.81 and 4.90 are not documented on this site

Changes and additions for version 4.91 - added since the release of version 4.81.
  • A nagging bug that would cause intermittent crashes has been fixed.
  • The program now includes a standalone certificate and CSR creator, called TCPCERTS.EXE. It is installed in the Mercury directory and can be run at any time to create certificates or signing requests, using the same certificate creator Mercury itself uses.
  • Autoforwarding killfiles: you can now create a file called FORWARD.KFL in the mailbox directory of any user who is forwarding mail via a FORWARD file. This file can be populated with addresses that you don't want to trigger autoforwarding, or expressions using * and ? wildcards that allow you to suppress forwarding for wider ranges. When the killfile prevents a message from being autoforwarded, the message will still be delivered to the mailbox, if that setting is enabled - all it does is prevent the autoforwarding. The killfile code checks the addresses in the killfile against the contents of the From, Sender and Return-path fields. There is more about this in the help file.
  • a problem where garbage characters appeared instead of an address in delivery confirmations has been fixed.
  • and numerous small fixes and changes.

Han van den Bogaerde
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