Last update 27-Sep-2015.


Mercury/32 version 4.80 released.
    Changes between the 4.74 and 4.80 release:
  • Read the changes on my 4.80 version page. (Updated: 27-Sep-2015)

Download Mercury/32 from

Mercury/32 version 4.74 released.
    Changes between the 4.72 and 4.74 release:
  • Somewhere I missed the release of the 4.73. I'm trying to work through all the fixes to compile a page.

Mercury/32 version 4.72 released.
    Changes between the 4.62 and 4.72 release:
  • Read the fixes on my 4.72 version page. (Updated: 10-Aug-2009)

Mercury/32 version 4.62 released.
    Problems with the 4.61 version:
  • It looks like using POP3 with the new UIDL settings will cause messages to be downloaded multiple times.
  • Messages without a date header (illegal as such, but around) will be downloaded over and over again.  

    Changes in the 4.62 version:
  • Read the fixes on my 4.62 version page. (Updated: 11-July-2008)

Mercury/32 version 4.61 released.
    Changes in the 4.61 version:
  • Read all about the many, many new functions, features and fixes in the various Mercury modules on my 4.61 version page. (Updated: 11-July-2008)

For Mercury, the following information is available on my pages:

Version history:


Current version: 1.49

This version can be used for Novell Netware 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and 6.x in Bindery and NDS mode.

Please note:
  • We strongly advise you NOT to use older versions as the integration with NDS might give problems, specifically the 1.44 version.
  • The development for the NLM version has stopped. We strongly advise you to switch to the /32 version. Novell integration in that version is much better and the /32 version is under full development, with anti-spam and new modules like IMAP4 and Web-based subscription for mailing lists.

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  • One of the most wanted features in Mercury and Pegasus Mail, Content Control and Spamhalter spam handling. Read all about it.

  • Mercury/32 uses a "Queue Information File" (name.QIF), to store the information needed to process a message. A description can be found here (added 13-Mar-2005)

  • You can find all detailed changes of the program on the Mercury's features page.

  • One of the Mercury beta testers has created a utility that might help to convert Mercury/nlm list membership files to the new format used by Mercury/32 starting at version 3.21. The name is BUILDMLF and it will convert .LIS files to .MLF files and maintain the digest settings from the old list to the new. There are many more utils that can be used on

  • David Kocmoud, senior beta tester of Mercury and Pegasus Mail, has written some FAQ's on conversion from Novell 3.x to 4/5 and from Bindery to NDS. Both FAQ's can be found here.

  • Information about the processing order of messages that come through Mercury/32 can be found here.

  • Some helper utilities for Mercury/32 at Like MercUp, MercUpW, VirPol, MercStop and MercSign. Check them out.

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