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18-Jul-05:   As the Public beta has been released today, this page is now closed. See the version 4.30 index page for more recent updates.

17-Jul-05:   Version 4.30 Release Candidates:
  • Search results folders should now be properly deleted on exit if this option is selected. Further, the problem where search results folders were incorrectly removed when any mailbox was dismounted should now also be fixed (they were the same problem in the end).
  • There is a lot of new code to prevent the outgoing SMTP queue from being processed re-entrantly. This is the result of a major problem with a client this week. The most visible side-effect of this is a new warning dialog you will get if you click "Send now" in the queue manager while an SMTP transaction is already in progress.
  • The preferences help for "Preview mode settings" and "Folder behaviours" has been tidied up considerably.
  • The problem with switching from a standard folder in Grouped View mode to a link or search results folder where the wrong column layout and heading control were displayed should now be fixed.
  • Problems with missing icons, cursors and accelerators under Windows 98 should now be fixed. What this means is that if you run Pegasus Mail in 8-bit colour mode or less, some of the buttons won't dim to grey when the Window is inactive. People running on displays with more than 8-bit colour will not be affected.
  • The Setup program has been tweaked to ensure that it operates correctly when you upgrade a copy of Pegasus Mail that already uses the new programs/mail directory split.

07-Jul-05:   Version 4.30 beta 29 - 31:
  • The program now suppresses text-file autodetection by default when processing attachments; this means that a plain text file with no line longer than 70 characters and nothing but 7-bit data will be BASE64 encoded with full filename and content-type headers. It is possible to force the program to revert to its old behaviour using a new option on the "Sending mail" preferences page, but that control is disabled by default.
  • A new option exists on the "Messages and replies" preferences page to force the program to default to formatted mail. This control is also disabled by default.
  • WSSetup should now work correctly. The WinPMail setup program also interacts better with it.
  • The installer now sports a new icon designed by Sven Henze to work within the restrictions of the WinZIPSE self-extractor.
  • New icons for mailboxes and search folders.
  • The ordering extension has been braught up-tp-date. It now has up-to-date pricing and has a new "web order" button.
  • The program's master toolbar and buttons have been enlarged somewhat.
  • The number of user button slots is increased from 10 to 20 in the master toolbar.
  • Searches initiated from standalone folders, or while the folder listing pane has focus in preview mode should now default to "current folder only".

13-Jun-05:   Version 4.30 beta 28:
  • More of Sven's icons are added to the program
  • Column widths should now work correctly again in preview mode: the program should remember one set of column widths for normal folders and another for link folders / search result folders.
  • The program now differentiates between link folders and search result folders. Search result folders display an extra column, "score", in which the relevance value for a search result is displayed (it's a simple number at this point - It might or might not go back to a graphical bar at some point).
  • You can now sort search folders by relevance.
  • It is now possible to set a timeout of zero in the definition editors for POP3 and SMTP to avoid connecting. A value of -1 will do the same as it has always done. Just zero wasn't possible.
  • There is now added a right-click "Import HTML file" option in the right mouse context menu in the editor.

02-Jun-05:   Version 4.30 beta 22 - 27:
  • A new search checkbox has been added to allow search results to be deleted automatically on exit.
  • A new search checkbox has been added to allow searching in link folders and search results folders.
  • The drop-down combo box for "search string" now remembers up to the last 40 search strings you have entered, removing any duplicates in the process.
  • Searching now brings up a "Searching - please wait" dialog with a "Stop" button (just like it used to do); it also gives the names of the folders it is searching as a degree of feedback.
  • Deleting a link folder now brings up a different dialog without the checkbox, making the process a little easier.
  • The problem where IMAP passwords and usernames containing unusual characters might cause login failures has been corrected.
  • The new folder search dialog now has comprehensive help.
  • The program now defaults to "safe" deletion in link folders - so, clicking the "Delete" button now deletes only the link, and holding down Shift while clicking delete deletes both link and original. This behaviour can be inverted using an option in the new "Folder behaviours" page in Tools|Options.
  • The "Folders and previews" page in Tools|Options has been split into two pages, one solely for preview mode options, and the other for general foldering behaviours. The category list is enlarged and default dialog size in Tools|Options (which will have the possibly undesirable side-effect of allowing to add a few more options).
  • It is now possible for BearHTML to query the active language setting
  • This one won't be meaningful until the next Mercury beta, but when Pegasus Mail is connected via IMAP to a version of Mercury that supports the extension, it is now possible to set the colour of messages in IMAP folders.
  • Some problems with Tab characters in headers have been corrected.
  • The text of Sven's dedicatory text in Help|About has been adjusted to give him the credit he deserves
  • The right click "Show pictures" option should now work in preview mode when using a version of BearHTML that supports image downloading.
  • The problem where multi-line subject lines containing RFC2047 encoded-words resulted in only the first line displaying in the classic message reader window's header area is fixed.
  • Pegasus Mail now loads WININET.DLL at startup, and does not unload it at all until exit. This *should* simplify some of the problems extension developers had keeping WinINET instances intact.
  • The installer will come with a new program called "Pegasus Mail Workstation Setup.exe", which can do any or all of the following things for a shared copy of the program:
    * Create a Pegasus Mail desktop icon
    * Create a Pegasus Mail "start menu" group
    * Register Pegasus Mail as the default mailer
    * Register Pegasus Mail on the Windows "Send To" menu
    This should also considerably simplify the process of installing shared copies of the program.
  • The installer will now by default create a directory called "Program" in the install location selected by the user, and puts all the program files in there. The "Mail" directory is created at the same level as the "Program" directory, giving a good separation between code and data.
  • Changed settings in Pmail.ini will now be correctly saved as soon as you close the Options dialog.
  • Some things in CTRL+Q (Quick select) are fixed: You now get the base-message in the results as well and quick-select by subject/sender is now sticky.

13-Mar-05:   Version 4.30 beta 21 is all about searching:
  • The major change in this version is in the folder search mechanism, which has been totally overhauled. There is now only one folder search dialog, and it has a significant range of new functions and capabilities. The folder search now uses the new Link folder format added in beta 17. (This is the first dialog in Pegasus Mail that simply won't fit into a 640x480 display.)

    • If you press Ctrl+F while the folder manager's list of folders has focus (either in classic or preview mode), the search dialog will default to "Search all folders in the current mailbox"
    • If you press Ctrl+F while a classic folder window is open or while the current folder list pane has focus in preview mode, the search dialog will default to "search the current folder only".
    • If you press Ctrl+F while the message preview pane has focus in preview mode, you'll get the standard "Find text" dialog, and the search will only work in the current message.

  • The new search dialog remembers all settings between invocations (although not between sessions), and you can save any search at any time, and reload it at any point later.
  • The new constraints options for searching can have a truly enormous impact on the time it takes to perform a search - examine them for the functionality they provide.
  • There will be a "Delete search results on exit" control added to the dialog later.

26-Feb-05:   Version 4.30 beta 19 and 20 include:
  • Alias resolution from addressbooks should now work again when the aliases contain international characters
  • Negative graphics exceptions (i.e, the "never display graphics from this sender" option) should now work correctly.
  • The muddled behaviour of the "Load next/load prev/close" option in the "Message reader" preferences page should be sorted out now.
  • Link folders should now remember their icon properly between lessions. Some glitches with link folder behaviour are corrected in this beta.
  • The "About" dialog has been modified to give Martin Ireland credit for all the countless hours he put in to get the bearhtml renderer working, and to comply with the licensing requirements for libiconv.

18-Feb-05:   Version 4.30 beta 18 includes:
  • The problem reported by some users where the folder list "flickers" when you connect to an IMAP mailbox has now been corrected
  • This version also introduces a new option on the "Hyperlinks" preferences page that allows you to turn on clever phishing detection on and off (it defaults to "on").
  • The "Remote graphics" options on the "Message reader" preferences page is partly working, you can create an exception list. More in next beta(s).
  • You can now delete a public folder
  • If you're in offline mode when you exit from the program, you won't get the "messages waiting to be sent" anymore.
  • When opening a message in the reader window it correctly doesn't show any To: header information as there's none there, but if you watch it in preview mode the details ribbon appeared to show some "random" string. Fixed.
  • You can now use "+" and "-" in a link folder.
  • Key folders now sort to the top of the folder list: the folders that are affected by this are: Deleted messages, Copies-to-self and Recent Searches. There will be a "promote" menu option to allow you to force *any* folder or tray to the top of the list, just below the reserved folders. The new mail folder still always sorts as the first item in the list.
  • There are some more new icons for the new mail, deleted messages and link folder folder types.
  • Graphics download can be set as default now via a new option.

12-Feb-05:   Version 4.30 beta 16 and 17 includes:
  • A problem in TER that would cause the program to disappear in certain circumstances when replying to particular types of HTML message has been fixed.
  • The "Preserve formatting when replying to HTML messages" option is now sensitive to the view currently selected in a message reader when you reply from one. So, if you have a standalone message reader window open with a plaintext view selected, the reply will use the plaintext view of the message *even* if the "Preserve formatting" and "show fancy version if available" options are set. Similarly, if you have switched view to the fancy version in the reader, then the fancy version will be preferred for the reply even if it normally would not.
  • Public folders should now correctly remember and update proper values for total/unread counters.
  • A new folder format has been added - the Pegasus Mail Link Folder.
    A link folder can contain references to messages from any other folder - simply drag and drop, or copy messages into a link folder and it will create a link to the message. You can then browse through the link folder just like any normal folder, and it will find the original in the background for you. If you move a message from a link folder, it is actually the original that will be moved; if you delete a message in a link folder, the original will be deleted. If you mark a message in a link folder as unread, the original will be marked unread, and so on. When you view a link folder, the message browser displays an extra column, "Folder", showing the name of the folder in which the message is located. Link folders are primarily useful in searching, but you can create them directly as well if you wish.
  • The "Find" operation in folders has now been modified so that the results of the search are put into a link folder. The link folder is in a tray called "Recent searches" (which will be created automatically if necessary). If you run in Classic mode, the search result folder will be opened automatically when the search is complete. If you run in preview mode, the search folder will be selected automatically when the search is complete. Search results persist until you delete the link folder (which *does not* delete the original messages referred to by the links it contains).
  • The "Find" command in folders can now search for phrases, by placing them in double quotes: so, if you want to search for messages containing "Pegasus Mail", then enter it just like that.
  • When using the Move selected entry feature for folders, the buttons at the bottom will now show again in all cases.
  • The CTRL-Delete function is now enabled in the message reader.

21-Jan-05:   Version 4.30 beta 15 includes:
  • Messages containing graphics are now generated using the MIME multipart/related format, which should allow them to be read correctly by a much wider range of applications, without sacrificing any backwards compatibility with older versions of WinPMail.
  • Message-ID fields now use a new generation method. At the moment, Pegasus Mail generates a message-ID by generating a locally random 96-bit number and attaching "@localhost" to it. This gives a fairly high probability of "uniqueness", but there *will* be rare occcasions where clashes will occur.
    Starting with this beta, "localhost" will be replaced by the user's e-mail address, replacing the "@" with a ".". It seems that this gives just about the greatest imaginable guarantee of uniqueness there could possibly be. It also avoids the problem where some SMTP servers get upset if they see Message-ID fields containing their own domain name.
  • There is now a new reply option - "For replies to HTML, preserve formatting". When this option is checked, if you reply to an HTML message, Pegasus Mail will ignore the "comment out with > " setting and will instead import the whole original message into the reply complete with formatting and pictures, placing it beneath a separator. This option is sticky, and has no effect on non-HTML mail. Most people will probably leave it turned on. The included HTML data is fully-editable. It's on by default.
  • Forwarding with edits now automatically includes any formatting and pictures for HTML mail.
  • Both the options above are smart enough to set the "Rich text" flag for the reply or forwarded message if it contains pictures.
  • The layout of the reply dialog is slightly redesigned to make it look a little tidier.

16-Jan-05:   Version 4.30 beta 13 and 14 includes:
  • A new program icon, designed by our beta tester and coordinator of the German translation, Sven Henze. If you use a shortcut to run the program, you may need to right-click it, choose "Properties" then choose "Change icon" to see the new version. It's greally great.
  • The graphical buttons are tweaked some more (they now have rounded corners).
  • Some lingering problems with the way illegal headers (containing raw high-bit characters) are displayed in replies and in the preview ribbon should now be fixed.
  • More of Sven's artwork. What's *really* cool though is that he has now provided 16x16 taskbar-sized versions of the icon that look astonishingly good, and has produced an ANIMATED version of the new icon for the system tray newmail notification!! Just wait until you see this animation!!!!

11-Jan-05:   Version 4.30 beta 11 and 12 includes:
  • Pegasus Mail can now run in so called "roaming mode".
    In roaming mode, there is a fundamental assumption that the Pegasus Mail executable and the user mailbox directories are installed on the same drive. When the program is started in roaming mode, it automatically changes the path for the mailbox directories to match the drive from which it was run. So, if the program detects that it has been run from drive "K:", then it will change the user mail directories to refer to drive "K:" before attempting to access them, even if they appear configured as being on drive "L:" in PMAIL.CFG.

    This mode should be very useful: not only does it allow you to install a complete working copy of Pegasus Mail on a memory stick, but it will also be of assistance for networked copies of the program where people use different workstation drive letter mappings to refer to the same drive.

    To activate roaming mode, add the commandline switch "-roam" to the program's commandline (case-insensitive). At the moment, roaming mode only patches the home mailbox and new mailbox directory locations - nothing else. This may cause problems if any of your POP or SMTP definition files contain mailbox path references, which can be deleted from the pnp files (only users who ran the v4.20 pre-release might suffer from this).

    Roaming mode *should* handle the use of either drive letter or UNC path references, but it's currently only specifically tested with drive letter references. Roaming mode has no effect and is ignored in either of the NetWare modes.

  • New graphical style for buttons. Very nice gradient fill.
  • IMAP connections should now correctly send keepalive NOOP commands even in preview mode.
  • The clashing Alt+H accelerators in the Reply window have been fixed.

01-Jan-05:   Version 4.30 beta 10 includes:
  • Replying to messages with spurious Outlook-induced quotes and dashes should now work correctly.
  • New versions of TER and HTS are included.
  • The "To" information in copies-to-self should now be correct when the address contains only a machine-readable address form.
  • The "Favourite directory" when saving files should now accept much longer paths.
  • In the standalone reader, the Tab key should now switch between header and body sections.
  • The wording of the "Send enclosures instead of attachments" control on the Tools|Options "Sending mail" page has been changed to "Send attachments as separate messages", and the control is now unchecked by default.

13-Dec-04:   Version 4.30 beta 9 includes:
  • The folder selector dialog is now resizable and remembers its size and position correctly.
  • Printing HTML messages has now been reverted to using the HTS32 code.
  • Lot's and lot's of character set issues has been resolved. It's looking better and better.

11-Dec-04:   Version 4.30 beta 8:
  • You really don't want to know.... This beta makes betatesters realize that testing sometimes is NOT funny.

28-Nov-04:   Version 4.30 beta's 6 and 7 includes:
  • All changes have to do with character sets, high-bit characters and such.

15-Nov-04:   Version 4.30 beta 5 includes:
  • MIME encoded headers should now work correctly in the queue manager and in selective downloads.
  • Selective download now prompts you to select a POP3 definition to use if you have more than one active in the current identity. It also generates a more useful error message if you have no active POP3 definitions at all (prior to now, it just did nothing).
  • MIME-encoded filenames in attachments should now display correctly (limited to the characters possible in the character set for the active Windows locale).
  • Sorting by subject and sender should now work again correctly. It may even be better than before, because it now uses international collating sequences when sorting.
  • A new "Quick select" option has been added (on the "Folder" menu in classic mode, or the "Messages" menu in preview mode). This option, triggered by Ctrl+Q, uses the first selected message in the folder as a model, and groups all messages with the same sender or subject at the top of the folder list. It's a very quick way of seeing a subset of your folder view without disrupting the sorting method you use. Because this is a select operation, you can use the "Unselect" (Ctrl+Shift+F9) command to undo it when you're finished with the subset.

03-Nov-04:   Version 4.30 beta 4 includes:
  • You can now specify "UTF-8" in your "Advanced settings" preferences page for preferred high-bit encoding, and Pegasus Mail will correctly generate messages encoded in UTF-8. UTF-8 is the only character encoding that is handled as an explicit exception: if you enter any other character set there, Pegasus Mail will take you at your word and will assume that the character encoding in the message matches that character set. Note that it *is* possible to specify different encodings in different identities. Note that the program still uses US-ASCII as its message and header encoding in any situation where it can do so (i.e, where no high-bit data exists).
  • RFC1522-encoded headers should now work for outgoing mail; they too will be correctly UTF-8 encoded if you specify UTF-8 as your preferred encoding.
  • Copies-to-self should now correctly reflect the encoding used to generate the message, copies to self should now work properly for all character encodings. Note that copies to self now also have a special identifying header that will identify copies-to-self generated by older versions when a check is added for that during folder-reindexing.
  • A problem reported where saving attachments resulted in loss of line endings should now be fixed.
  • The notepad window should now resize correctly.

28-Oct-04:   Version 4.30 beta 3 includes:
  • Custom reply header strings containing high-bit data should now work.
  • Printing plain-text messages should no longer cause crashes: furthermore, replacement message header keywords from wpm-char.rsc files can now contain high-bit characters, as can the banner string during printing.
  • Folders created by older versions should now display high-bit character strings as they did in the old version unless they are reindexed.
  • Sending mail using quoted-printable encodings should now work as before. Note that the wpm-lmtt tables are no longer used when composing quoted-printable messages - the character data is passed through unmodified; this means that the MIME encoding in your preferences must actually match the data you're generating for the message to end up with valid encoding.

25-Oct-04:   Version 4.30 beta 2 includes:
  • Message lists should now display international characters. This change will occur automatically for messages in the new mail folder, but will not flow through to messages already in folders unless the folder is reindexed. This change should be transparent to existing data - messages already in your folders should not change the way they display (i.e, probably incorrectly for anything outside ISO-8859-1).
  • Message display using UTF-8 and other international encodings should now work - it seems fine in every scenario put together so far. To make this work, the table-based character translation routines are now obsolete.
  • UTF-8 "BOM" characters should now be stripped out during message display.

23-Oct-04:   David Harris decided to release the current development version as 4.30 in stead of 4.21d, so we have beta 1 now (again):
  • Version number changed from 4.21d to 4.30
  • Full character set display support. Display of UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, KOI-8x and most other common character sets should happen automatically. Note that for now, this only applies to the message body - headers are not internationalized yet. This should work in preview mode, replies, attachment views, message readers and printing. Raw mode does *not* perform character translation of any kind (nor should it do so).
  • All "recently-used" windows are now substantially increased in size. The layout is tidied up and made consistent between the various versions of the window. Fixed the "Delete" action so that something sensible is selected in the list after a deletion (at the moment, after a deletion, nothing is selected in the list, which makes it a major pain to delete more than one item, or to use after a deletion).
  • Bearhtml integration is improving fast, just wait for the official version announcement for this...

16-Oct-04:   Changes that have been reported to me for 4.21d beta's 2 - 5:
  • The way IMAP profiles are managed is changed, so that it is now possible to mount two IMAP mailboxes where the host and username are the same, provided the mailbox reference field is different. This will allow access to public folders on some servers that work this way.
  • POP/SMTP error messages now have a timeout factor.
  • A user reported this bug: if you switch the preview mode into a grouped view then click the "Print" button, either nothing will happen, or the wrong message will print. Note that this only happens in preview mode - it does not happen in Classic mode. Fixed now.
  • Ctrl+P as a hotkey for printing in preview mode is enabled now
  • The problem with long To: fields getting truncated in POP mode should be fixed in this version
  • The rather bizarre problem where messages could be sent twice from the queue manager window when using the built-in SMTP agent should be corrected now.
  • When body preview is turned off in preview mode, messages are now no longer marked read, and confirmations of reading are no longer sent.
  • The 'L' accelerator for the filtering rule wizard should now work in preview and classic modes.
  • Searching in public folders should now work correctly.
  • The ability to set the filename and system-wide status of distribution lists in the "Dlist settings dialog" is back. The controls are "smart" - so, if you take a personal list and click the "System-wide" control, Pegasus Mail will automatically move the list to the public directory when the dialog closes. Similarly, you can change the name of an existing list simply by editing it in the dialog.
  • The program should no longer crash when attempting to open an IMAP profile while the folder window is closed (it will now automatically open the folder window).
  • The program should no longer crash if you select multiple messages in a digest and try to mark them as read (the messages should now be marked as read until the digest is closed, when the changes will be lost).
  • The strange behaviour with the attachment list doubling and crashes occurring when switching back and forth between attachment and message views after deleting an attachment should no longer occur.
  • Furthermore, you should now be properly prompted to save changes when switching back to message view and clicking <Next> or <Prev> (the changes would be silently discarded in previous versions).
  • The draft/queue management code has been changed so that only the base filename of the .PNX file is saved for richtext messages in the draft file. This should fix the problem reported recently where bad things happened if you placed a richtext message in your queue then attempted to send it from a different machine (or different user/id) with different drive mappings.
  • The TCP/IP code is tweaked a little further to make it yield the CPU a little more gracefully. (No 100% usage anymore....)
  • Bearhtml integration is improving fast, just wait and see...

25-Sep-04:   Well... the first 4.21d beta announcement stated:
  • This beta has an amended version of HTS32.DLL which should correctly generate and handle the XHTML "<br />" tag with the mandatory space.
  • A new HTML renderer is in the works (Bearhtml), looks quite promising.
  • This version integrates a more recent version of cryptlib for SSL support.

Any remarks or additions: Mail me!!