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18-Dec-05:   Very last changes for release:

  • BearHTML v2.5.7 is now part of the standard install. It has some colspan/rowspan fixes and has extended character set support.
  • There is now some sanity checking on the preview mode window and pane positions.
  • The "from" and "subject" fields in the message properties dialog (F12 while in a message list) should now correctly display headers containing accented characters outside the system code page. Previously, you'd get funny leading box characters and mangled chars - now, it should work with any input. This fix does not apply to Windows 9x
  • There is now a lot of new code to handle HTML messages containing non-encoded 8-bit data where the MIME encoding specifies a character set different from the system's active code page. This change only applies to replies and forwarding with edits (i.e, it only applies to TER/HTS-based HTML handling, *not* to BearHTML-based rendering).
  • Two issues reported by "Secunia Research" are fixed
  • The help is updated even more

10-Dec-05:   Last changes for release:

  • The help file now includes information on the -ROAM option.
  • The installer now has an overriding "Upgrade" option as its first dialog: it allows you to upgrade an existing installation with a single click. The upgrade option now really does nothing more than a simple file upgrade.
  • The installer's "other options" page now has an explicit option to enable or disable roaming, enabled by default; the help also has a full explanation of what the option does.

08-Dec-05:   Changes after beta 36, up to the 4.31 Release Candidate:

  • There is now a new hotkey for starting a new message to the sender of a selected message in a folder (classic or preview mode): you can now press <Ctrl+Shift+N> to do this.
  • You can now attach a file with the extension ".PMPPKG" (short for "Pegasus Mail Preferences PacKaGe") to any message, and Pegasus Mail will handle it in a special fashion. If the recipient opens or double-clicks any attachment with that extension, Pegasus Mail will assume that it is a preferences package and will offer the user the option of merging the preferences settings it contains with his/her current preference settings.
    The .PMPPKG file is simply a modified version of PMAIL.INI, containing any of the sections in PMAIL.INI, each section with one or more preference setting you want to alter (so, you don't have to include the whole section - you can just change one or two items): you can use command substitutions in any field; can use "x" placeholders in any of the integer block fields to preserve the current value at that position, and can use "-" in the "Default settings values" field to preserve the value at that position in the string.
    .PMPPKG handling is hard-wired into the program, but can be overridden by adding entries into FILETYPE.PM (either manually or using the "Viewers" preferences page).
  • The help has been substantially overhauled and is now as up-to- date as possible for this release timeframe.
  • A problem with stray illegal characters in replies-to-all has been adjusted.
  • Bullets and indents should behave themselves properly when you generate replies (prior to now, bullet and indented paragraphs would "collapse" in replies as soon as you tried to type text into them).
  • The POP3, SMTP and IMAP profile editors now check and offer to change the port when you change an SSL setting that typically needs a different port.
  • The attachment parser's filename length is increased to 150 characters.

20-Nov-05:   Changes in beta 36:

  • There is now an option on the "Advanced" preferences page that allows you to turn multiple selection of attachments back on. By default, the control will be disabled.
  • On the "Advanced settings" options page there is now a drop down list to make choosing different charsets easier.
  • "Reply to all" and "Copy CC field into destination" will now work correctly when there are high-bit characters in the source field.
  • A problem where HTS would sometimes write HTML that would lose a line break between paragraphs has been fixed
  • Many suggestions for helpfile changes have been implemented.
  • A change to the interface for BearHTML should handle character sets that currently don't get encoded properly.
  • you should no longer get square boxes at the start of the subject or to lines in the queue and draft managers (although any items already there that have those characters will still show them - you just shouldn't get any new instances).
  • The button in Tools -> Hyperlinks to set Pegasus Mail as default mailer, has been renamed to "System Mailer" as it doesn't only work for IE but for all browsers.

11-Nov-05:   Please note:

It's been a while since I updated my pages. The cause is that most beta's after the public beta didn't run on Win98SE anymore, so I couldn't participate enough to test the changes (That's why they are all in one long list below).
Recently that problem was solved, but it's quite possible that in the future Pegasus Mail will no longer run on WIN98SE.
Note: The current versions of Pegasus Mail for Windows DO work in W98... this is just a possibility for a FUTURE version.

10-Nov-05:   Changes in beta 35:
  • Windows 98 users should be up and running again
  • Richtext messages should be up and running again
  • The double-signature encryptor issue is fixed
  • All the editor controls in the message editor now use Tahoma as their font and should handle all unicode data. The font *should* size correctly to match the selected system font size.
  • Opening messages from link folders should now be much, much faster when the original message is in a large folder.
  • Crashes when turning off "include original text" in the reply dialog are fixed.
  • Crashes when saving DLists should now be fixed.

10-Nov-05:   Changes since the public beta (up to beta 34):
  • Multiple file selection has been disabled in the "Add attachments" dialog in the message editor, to prevent the program from crashing when adding attachments.
  • The program should now disregard the unrecognized vCalendar section if it exists, when choosing a part of th emessage to display.
  • The built in encryption now works again.
  • The spellcheck would crash if one word was loger than 128 characters. This is now fixed.
  • New versions of TER32.DLL and HTS32.DLL; TER can now display unwrapped lines out to 1000 characters long. HTS seems to crash much less on HTML loads (which still happens when replying to HTML).
  • The "Sort by folder" option should now work in link folders
  • The "MSIE mailer" button in the "Hyperlinks" preference page has been renamed and the help reworked.
  • The POP3 code now does a check to see where downloaded mail is going to end up; if the destination is a directory other than your new mail folder, it issues a warning message.
  • The problem with attachments with high-bit characters in their filenames getting munged when written out has been fixed.
  • The new version of TER supports TIFF files, so you can paste these in if you wish.
  • Raw mode works now incorporate some of the benefits of the new longer maximum line length in TER.
  • In Raw mode, the bottom scroll bar works now
  • Both reformatting options (reformat and wrap) are added to the reply dialog and the dialog is reorganized so its layout is a little more logical and attractive.
  • The raw view in the message reader should now work better than at any time in the past
  • Long-string autocompletion from addressbooks (where the base string typed in is longer than 11 characters) should now work; I've noticed
  • Character set issues when re-sending from the copy-self folder *should* now be fixed
  • Resending copy-self messages that contain formatting should now work much, much better than in the past: Pegasus Mail now stores an HTML version of any richtext message in the copy-self folder, and makes a much better job of reloading it; there may still be a couple of issues with pictures, but tables, styles, colours and other items should be OK now. Note that this fix only applies to copies-to-self created with this beta or later - old CS messages aren't fixed.

10-Nov-05:   Please note:

This page is started after the release of Public Beta 1 from version 4.30 on 20 July 2005. Changes in the 4.3.0 from earlier date can be found here.

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