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24-Feb-2011:   After the release of the 4.52, the following items are changed in the program:

  • A complete set of new icons and buttons is used in the program
  • MBXMAINT.EXE and its UI counterpart have been extensively overhauled
  • The program should now default to "Always" for WinSock loading
  • The credits in the "About" dialog have been changed
  • A problem with long UIDs causing POP3 selective download to fail has been corrected
  • MapiPM is now included and installed by default
  • The status bar should flicker less when loading folders, and folder loading should be a little faster
  • The Red-X indicator is now only displayed when connections are actually active - in other words, while there is a POP3 or SMTP connection in progress.
  • There is just to much to mention.......

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