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08-Aug-2011:   After the release of the 4.61, the following items are changed in the program:

  • Version 4.62 mainly concentrates on fixing late-breaking incompatibilities in HTML rendering caused by the release version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 browser. V4.62 users should experience reliable, high-quality HTML display using this version, with the quality of rendering being even higher than in previous versions.
  • V4.62 also uses a heavily-updated version of the editor module we use, and has numerous changes in the way editing buffers are constructed, meaning it should now be able to edit and reply to much more complex HTML message formats than previous versions, and editing should be much more reliable.
  • As well, you can now Ctrl+Click on any link in a message to open that link in your web browser without bringing the browser to the foreground. This allows you to open a succession of links then work with them when you're ready.
  • The way signatures are handled has been totally overhauled, and you should now find they work considerably better when you insert them at compose-time.
  • The program now displays a build number in Help|About, and in the "info" dialog box when displaying current program info. This will help our support team to identify exactly what version is used.
  • There is now an amended version of MBXMAINT that does an initial "scrubbing" pass through the master file looking for and removing NULs and redundant Ctrl+Z markers. The amended version rebuilds folders that are corrupted due to very specific circumstances (like an Operating system crash during a write operation).
  • Mainly for network administrators you can now add a new "[Limits]" section to the PEGASUS.INI file. See my pegasus.ini page for detailed information.
  • Finally, quite a few small bugs, some of them quite long-standing, have now been fixed, like:
    • A user pointed out that the accented character formation code was missing the C-cedilla character (''). You can now type 'c', 'comma' and pressing Ctrl+E will create a C-cedilla (either capitalized or lower-case depending on the 'c').
    • In 4.61, the form field font looks not at all like the font used in 4.52 in messages generated through templates. Fixed.
    • In some rare cases the time of a message in the new mail folder was displayed incorrect. Moving the message to another folder or opening and closing the new mail folder would solve the problem. This is now fixed.
    • Tooltips should now work correctly in all cases
    • The maximum path length in .FFF files has been increased to 256 (was 64 char)
    • The setup program no longer displays errors about being unable to update MAPIPM.DLL
    • The setup program now refreshes its progress dialog before starting the file copy (it didn't before, resulting in a very ugly display on fast systems.
    • Corrected a situation where CDEFS.PM file could get corrupt. This file holdes the autofiltering information.

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