David Harris: Pegasus Mail version 4.62 released:


Although I intended that v4.62 would be the last v4.x version of Pegasus Mail, it became apparent that there were numerous small problems that would be best fixed by another interim release, rather than waiting until the first iterations of Pegasus Mail v5. As a result, we have put together v4.63, which has over 70 small changes, bug fixes and corrections. The modifications are mostly internal, and there are few visible external or cosmetic changes in the program. It should be very stable, and it is our intention that it serve as the formal release while the v5 beta process takes place over the course of 2012. A parallel release is being made of both German and English versions, with other translations to follow soon.

It's also worth noting that the Pegasus Mail installer and executable files are now digitally signed, using my name ("David Harris"). If your browser or installer complains about them being unsigned, or tells you that they have been signed with a signature that does not use my name, then the files are not authentic. A small security measure, but we believe it is quite worthwhile.


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