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New in v4.71, 11 January 2016

As the seemingly endless process of updating code and preparing for Pegasus Mail version 5 continues, it became clear that it was time to bring out an update that incorporates fixes and corrections that would benefit many users.

The main changes in this release are:

  • New PCONFIG A completely new version of the Pegasus Mail configuration utility PCONFIG has been provided in this release. While most users will never need to run PCONFIG, for those that do, the old version was becoming a major problem - the new version should address that.
  • New OpenSSL build This release of Pegasus Mail includes OpenSSL version 1.0.1p, the most recent version we have been able to use reliably with all major online services.
  • SSL performance fixes SSL performance should be markedly improved in this release, especially during SMTP sending.
  • Addressbook fixes It is now possible to delete and rename addressbooks in the program. The 'add sender's address to addressbook' option should now work again, and various other small corrections have been made in addressbook-related functions.
  • Messages stuck in the queue A problem where 0-length files in the outgoing SMTP queue could not be reliably deleted from within the program has been fixed (at last).
  • New builds of IERenderer and BearHTML Michael and Martin have produced new versions of the modules that display HTML data in mail messages for this release: the new versions improve stability and rendering quality.
  • Spellchecking changes Some changes to the way the spellchecker operates have been made that should improve its usefulness to those who use it (in particular, a problem where the 'Don't send' button was missing during send-time spellechecks has been corrected)
  • There are also numerous other smaller fixes in this build.

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