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Build 572
  Version 4.72 is a maintenance release for v4.71 containing the following changes:
  • Fixes a problem introduced in v4.71 where the mail queue would not correctly update or send mail when the 'Send now' button was pressed (you had to close and reopen the queue or draft manager window and send the messages a second time to make them go out).
  • Includes an updated version of Martin Ireland's MAPI interface, which will work correctly with current builds of LibreOffice.
  • The option to "Add to addressbook" when right-clicking an address in a message now works correctly.
  • A full German version of v4.72 has been released at the same time as the English version.

Note: at the time of writing, one anti-virus service (Baidu) is reporting that the WinPMail v4.72 release archive contains malware: given that 55 other anti-virus services on VirusTotal report the archive as being clean, this is clearly a false positive and can be reliably ignored (to confirm this, we unpacked the files, repacked them, then signed the new archive with a different certificate, and the Baidu warning went away, indicating that the Baidu scanner is incorrectly detecting something based on our code signing certificate rather than anything in the actual archive itself).

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