Pegasus Mail startup flags.

This page is part of a serial about the command line, a complex Pegasus Mail command line looks like:

C:\PMAIL\Programs\winpm-32.exe -A -O -MS -E PMAILN.CFG -Y pmail_lpt.ini -i usrx -Z 32270

Pegasus Mail can be configured to act different depending on the startup flag added to the commandline. By default Pegasus Mail uses the value 32768 if NO flags are specified. You can find the actual -Z value in Help -> About -> Info on the line "Active -Z options:".

Various -Z options can be activated by combining the value to the total. Indeed only one -Z <value> pair may occur on the command line. An invalid -Z value will be ignored.

So e.g. 32770 means actually:

Flag valueDescription
2Do not save the widths of columns in folders between sessions
32768Use DOS-compatible character conversions

There are numerous options that can be used to configure Pegasus Mail, some are very obvious others are very hard to explain becaus of the technical nature of the option. There is no formal documentation on the values below. The information provides comes from the HELP within Pegasus Mail for Windows.
I will try to gather more information on this subject over time.

Flag value Information
1 Never load WINSOCK.DLL (disables the built-in POP3 and SMTP mailing code).
2 Do not save the widths of columns in folders between sessions
4 Don't send NetWare Broadcast delivery notifications.
8 Undocumented
16 Force the use of MIME encodings in noticeboards
32 Enter TCP/IP debugging mode
64 Use "From field" value to form the SMTP envelope address
128 "Blind load" WINSOCK.DLL - do not attempt to locate it first
256 Undocumented
512 Play new mail alert sound any time new mail arrives (the sound usually only plays when minimized)
1024 Use blocking sockets; may be needed for some defective WINSOCK implementations./td>
2048 llow multiple instances of the 32-bit version of Pegasus Mail to run at the same time on different mailboxes (use with care).
4096 Use blocking WINSOCK Name Resolution calls; may be needed by some defective WINSOCK implementations.
8192 Undocumented 
16384 Update the new mail folder with each new message as it is downloaded using the POP3 protocol.
32768 Use DOS-compatible character conversions on 8-bit data (note that this switch has a reversed meaning from its meaning in previous versions of Pegasus Mail)
65536 Use simplified drive detection code. Use this switch under OS/2 and Windows 3.x if you find that Pegasus Mail crashes when you try to save attachments to disk or add attachments to messages.
131072 Do not start the Internet Setup Wizard for first time users even if a valid WINSOCK.DLL is detected.
262144 Force all message text to flow right-to-left. This is an experimental option intended for use in environments such as Hebrew Windows, where both Western and Hebrew

Now how can we tell Pegasus Mail to use the -Z values. There are at least three different ways to do so:

If you have more information that should be placed on this page, please feel free to contact me by e-mail and I will make that information available.
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