The Pegasus Mail Support Team

Last update 08-August-2016.

As the question "How do I become a member of the Support Team or a Beta Tester" arises often, the main issues about this are listed on this page. At first, let me say that both the Pegasus Mail Support Team and the beta-team are on full strength at the moment.

No new users can be added at the moment.

The Pegasus Mail Support Team:

David Harris formed the Pegasus Mail Support Team to provide a front line of technical support for Pegasus Mail products. As well, the Support Team provides an "inner circle" of people who are deeply concerned with the growth and development of Pegasus Mail, Mercury and of course David Harris himself.

Team Members are expected to:

The final decision of team membership belongs to David Harris.

Current Members of the Support Team
Han van den Bogaerde 
James FordManager Bama lists
David KocmoudPrimary team member.
Andrew MorrowPrimary team member.
Jocelyn NadeauHosts
Hans Ostrom 
Ton Roovers 

The Pegasus Mail beta-test team:

Currently there are about 40 beta test team members, not all of them are active each time. Some of them have a very special setup and are consulted only when that setup is needed for testing. The members of the Pegasus Mail Support team are all members of the Beta test team.

Now open up Pegasus Mail and go Help, About Pegasus Mail and take a moment to click on the picture of the Flying Horse: Pegasus. Thank you!!