Last update 15-Mar-2005.

Mercury/32 uses a control file to store the process information, needed for each message, the codes used in the files are as follows.


NOTE: The use of the various codes can change without further notification in future releases of Mercury/32!

ST: Start time
Example: R 020528160331 12 000032 000030 000001
The R says this is a retry, the next string is a date, time line,tells you when it will next be processed. 2005 March 7 09:58:32 . The next one is the number of tries, 3. The structure is critical, the data can be all zeros.
FR: From field
The used from address in simplest format.
DF: Data file
Example: MO00018F.QDF
Name of the file, the basename is the same for the QCF and QDF files.
FL: Flags field
Example FL: 2
This field contains bit values that store information about the state of the job. The following values are defined:
#define JF_NOFILTER     0x100    //  Do not apply filtering to this job
#define JF_EXPIRE       0x200    //  Expire the message when writing it
#define JF_SCANNED      0x400    //  The message has been externally scanned
#define JF_LOCAL        0x800    //  The message was submitted locally
#define JF_VERPJOB     0x1000    //  Process this message as a VERP probe
As a general rule, *only* Mercury should modify this field.
OS: Original Submission
Example: 020528125939
The time the message originally entered the queue.
BA: Begin address
Indicates the beginning of a single delivery element for the message. A "delivery element" is a single address to which the message is addressed, and it has a number of subsidiary fields - in particular an
  • ES: "Element status" field
  • RI: "Resolver information" field
  • DI: "Diagnostic information" field.
  • The element always ends with an EA: ("End address") marker.
ES: Element status
Example: C 020528130415
Mercury uses this field to record the status of individual items within the message; this is how it can determine that a particular address has been successfully delivered on a previous attempt when retrying a message. C is complete, R is a retry and F is failed.
RI: Resolver information
Mercury stores the results of the first five designated mail exchanger hosts for the address in this field. It does a pass through the whole job first, resolving each element, then uses that information on a second pass to group deliveries that are routed via the same mail server.

Other fields can be in the file and, when available, a description might follow.

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