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02-Feb-2003:   The following items are changed/fixed in beta 9:

The main area of change in this beta is in the folder contents browser (both in preview mode and in classic mode).

  • New icons: The message type indicators (the black square, triangle and other blobs) are now changed to icons.
  • Clicking the headers to adjust sorting should now result in the sorting mode registering and being saved between folder openings.
  • Grouped views have been totally reworked:
    • All group view options are now present in the menu: selecting a group view will enforce the associated sorting mode as well. All are selectable by hot key except for alphabetized subjects
    • There is a new "Group by thread activity" view: It sorts by thread, then sorts the top-level thread nodes by date, so that the threads with the most recent activity appear at the top of the list.
      As part of making this change, the sub-sort by date has been reverted when doing the thread sort so that the most recent messages in the thread are at the top instead of the oldest.
    • Folders should now remember their group views. They should also remember their column widths again.
    • Captioned group views now include message/unread counts in the caption. The captions *should* update correctly as the message list is changed (either via deletion/movement, or by reading unread mail).

Any remarks or additions: