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From:         David Harris
Organization: Pegasus Mail, Dunedin, New Zealand
Subject:      Pegasus Mail v4.31 released
To:           PM-NEWS@BAMA.UA.EDU
Date:         Mon, 19 Dec 2005 15:30:55 +1300

Pegasus Mail v4.31, an unrestricted public release, is now available
for download from our Internet download sites in both English and
German versions.

To select a download site and retrieve the program, please go to:

For information on what's new in the program, please go to:

Important note:  This Pegasus Mail v4.3 full release includes fixes for
some potentially exploitable bugs in Pegasus Mail v4.2x and the v4.3
public beta - for more information on these problems, please go to:

Because of the relative severity of one of the potential exploits, we
recommend that all current v4.2x and v4.3pb1 users consider
upgrading to v4.31 as soon as possible.

I and my beta test team would like to take this opportunity to wish you
all a very safe and happy Christmas, and a refreshed, hopeful New


-- David --

David Harris
Author, Pegasus Mail.

From:         David Harris
Organization: Pegasus Mail, Dunedin, New Zealand
Subject:      Thoughts on v4.31
Date:         Mon, 19 Dec 2005 16:00:06 +1300

I've just sent out a release notification for Pegasus Mail v4.31, 
although I'm informed that a number of you already found the archives 
over the weekend while I was stalled in the release process. :-)

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you what has gone into 
v4.31, because in almost any measurable way, it is the the most 
complex and difficult release I've ever made.

In the normal course of developing a new version of Pegasus Mail, I 
will put together around 15 - 20 beta versions that go out to my test 
team, sometimes a public beta, and then 3 - 4 "release candidates" - 
complete installers that might end up being suitable for release to the 
public. The previous record for number of betas was 29 for v4.2.

By contrast, Pegasus Mail v4.31 has gone through 60 betas, a public 
beta, and no fewer than 14 release candidates. It has more than 1500 
substantial code changes, and I estimate that I alone have spent more 
than 1000 hours purely doing debugging on it. Add to this that Martin 
Ireland has done more than 30 betas of the new "bear" HTML 
renderer, Sven Henze has spent at least 300 hours on translation and 
bitmap development, and that I've had to adapt no fewer than 5 
revisions of the cryptlib SSL libraries and you'll start to get a feel for 
just how much work has gone into this.

Yet it doesn't look much different from v4.21c. In a funny way, this is 
very disspiriting, because even though I know how much has gone into 
it, most users won't get any feel for that, and many may be be 
disappointed that so little seems to have changed. I know that many in 
particular will be disappointed that the Calendaring and Scheduling 
module for the program, which I have been promising for a number of 
years, still hasn't materialized.

By way of explanation, let me point out that in January, Pegasus Mail 
will be 16 years old - by the standards of the Internet, this makes it 
something beyond venerable... And I have to say that a lot of the code 
in there was pretty venerable too - a huge amount of what has gone 
into v4.3 has been about correcting problems and tidying up code that 
has been around for many, many years; it's a task I've put off, and put 
off, until finally I couldn't put it off any longer. That's why v4.31 has 
effectively taken nearly two years to produce.

The good part is that a lot of the internal changes now mean that the 
code is once more a reasonable platform for extended future 
development - it is once again a base onto which I can graft new 
things. Finally, I have an environment in which I can work on the 
Calendaring and Scheduling code - and indeed, that will be the first 
feature added to v5 (with a release all of its own).

So it's been a painful couple of years, with 2005 being one of the worst 
in my entire life, but perhaps that's just the price I've had to pay to 
create a product that can stick around and offer service to its 
community for a few more years.

I really hope you enjoy v4.31 - in a way that no previous version of the 
program has ever been, it is a labour of love, and it has had a painful 
birth. I hope only that it will serve you well and faithfully.

As a final note, I would like to take a moment to offer my thanks, 
praise and admiration for my beta test team, who have had to put up 
with some fairly pyrotechnical tantrums from me at times in the course 
of developing v4.31, and who, with unparalleled generosity, funded  
replacement hardware for me earlier this year when my old server 
destroyed itself. Sure, I write the code for the program, but these guys 
are the only reason that code is any good at all. Great work, guys - 
thank you for everything.


-- David --

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