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This page is now closed as the 4.4.1. version is released on July 16th, 2006. See my information page and/or the site log for more recent information (if at all).

29-Jun-06:   Updates in version 4.4 (beta 13):
  • A bug in searching when "all terms must match" is selected, is now fixed. In previous versions only the first and last item in the search string were used.
  • There is now a fix for the problem with characters getting munged when you enter a character from outside the current character set.
  • The DList editor, the template editor, the content control editor and raw-view window now all support a default right-click context menu offering the basic range of editing commands (Select all, Cut, Copy, Paste).
  • Several of the main windows in the program will now respond to the full range of context menu activators - right-click, Shift+F10, and the special-purpose "Context menu" key. The windows so modifed are:
    • The preview mode window - all three panes now respond to the activators separately.
    • The message editor window, front page only
    • The message reader window, front page only
    • The message browser (Classic mode folder) window.
    When activated by a means other than a right-click, the popup menu is positioned about a centimetre in from the left and top of the target window (in preview mode, this positioning is done within the active pane).

24-Jun-06:   Updates in version 4.4 (beta 12):
  • The folder search logic has been adjusted to allow constraint-only searches. You may be very surprised how fast a constraint-only search is. As well, the code that creates the "Recent searches" tray has been corrected so that it now *always* creates the tray in the visible mailbox, not a dismounted one.
  • The right-click menu in reader windows and the folder window has been completely reorganized. It now has hierarchical elements, and new "Add sender's address to" and "Remove sender's address" from options that allow you to add the message sender to DLists, addressbooks, the Global Whitelist, and the picture download exception list.
  • POP3 accounts can now have their username/password fields left blank and Pegasus Mail will prompt for them when they are needed. Note that the program no longer prompts at startup for POP passwords - it will only prompt when it actually needs the information. Any definition active in any identity will now work, and the prompt is only done once per definition in any session.

20-Jun-06:   Updates in version 4.4 (beta 11):
  • Excell seems to double quote (mailmerge) .csv files in some cases, each line in the merge data file is now tested for that.
  • If you've edited a Dlist and click "Send mail", you'll get a prompt asking if you want to save the changes to the list. You can still answer "No", in which case the unmodified version of the list will be used.
  • The "Add" command is now modified so that if you create a new Dlist, you are prompted to save any changes to the current list; furthermore, the list of lists is re-sorted so the new list appears in the proper location, and it is automatically selected, meaning that you can immediately begin adding addresses to it.
  • Read-confirmations no longer auto-add the recipient to the whitelist, if the always add is selected.
  • (TER) fix problems with certain types of PNG images - they should now display correctly.
  • (HTS) fixes a problem with the way HTML is generated for bullet paragraphs: if you create bullet paragraphs with blank lines between them, those lines should now be properly preserved (in previous versions, the lines would be stripped out when the HTML was displayed in browsers or BearHTML).
  • There is now a new import facility in the Tools|Options|Automatic formatting page, which allows you to import Autoreplace files into your current set (handy now that Autoreplace is internationalized).
  • Almost all dialogs now use the new flat button styles.
  • You can now copy text from the system messages window using Ctrl+C or the option on the "Edit" menu. This includes the ability to copy multiple disjoint selections created by holding down Ctrl as you click.
  • A new "Reporting/Logging" preferences option allows you to specify that the system message window should place its newest messages at the top instead of at the bottom.
  • The window Recently Used Directories, sometimes displayed the filenames as well. It is supposed only to show directories. Fixed now.
  • If the name field in an addressbook has more than 35 characters, the text displayed is the first 35 characters to which is appended the phone number. This is fixed.

14-Jun-06:   Updates in version 4.4 (beta 7,8,9 and 10):
  • New versions of TER and HTS are included; the HTS is quite a lot more stable than older versions, and it now has structured exception handling which means that Pegasus Mail might no longer just vanish.
  • Filtering logic is changed: now, if neither Spamhalter nor Content Control is enabled, messages will not have their "CC_CHECKED" flag set when the new mail folder is scanned. This should significantly speed up the process of opening the new mail folder for people who have no rules, no content control and no Spamhalter active. A side effect, though, is that if you later enable either Spamhalter or Content Control, it will be applied to every message in your new mail folder the next time it opens.
  • Multipart/mixed messages containing no displayable parts should now properly display the first available filename in the "Non-textual content" dummy text in the message reader.
  • TER/HTS should now be able to preview more types of TIFF data than previously.
  • A fix that could cause crashes any time HTML was displayed with BearHTML not installed has been fixed.
  • A new Global whitelist has been implemented. The whitelist appears on a submenu of Tools, called "Spam and content controls", which is also where you'll now find the Spamhalter/Spambayes and Content Control menu items.
  • The help for Spamhalter has been tidied up a bit - mostly to reflect that the initial corpus can be any messages in any old folders you might have - you don't have to have any kind of magical collection
  • The help for both Spamhalter and Content Control has been tidied so that the two methods refer to and are contrasted with each other and the new whitelist.
  • The F12 (Message Properties) dialog has been updated to show the new "Whitelisted" flag.
  • The "Message attributes" filtering rule editor has been updated to allow the "Whitelisted" attribute to be tested in filtering rules.
  • The whitelist allows you to specify the number of entries, whether or not any mail you send should be automatically whitelisted, and whether or not the whitelist should be made visible to Mercury/32 (to exempt messages from Mercury's spam processing as well).
  • When auto-adding in whitelist, the code now checks to see if the address would be detected by either a domain or regex item in the whitelist: if it would be, then that item is promoted to the top of the whitelist and the address is not added (although any occurrences of the explicit address in the list are still removed).
  • If a language code is active, Pegasus Mail now looks for AUTORPLC.xx, where "xx" is the language code. If no language code is active, or if EN is the language code, it will look for AUTORPLC.PM.
  • To avoid directories beeing kept open, code is added to set the current directory back to the Home Mailbox location in some cases.
  • The "boundary=" part of the "Content-Type" header must start on a continuation line, i.e., the "Content-Type" header must be split into two lines and the "Content-Type" header must immediately follow the "From", "Subject", or "Cc" headers in the original message. Thi is now fixed.
  • Some issues when open messages are moved between folders are fixed. Pegasus Mail will no longer crash.
  • The From/Subject information in the statusbar on Win98 systems will now display the correct information in stead of only the first characters. Fixed in the window caption as well.
  • Pegasus Mail currently generates improperly-formatted "References:" headers. The format it uses at present is "correct" as far as RFC822 goes, but does not comply with the stricter format demanded by RFC2822. This is now partly changed. What happens now is that the *first* message-id from any existing references header is copied in the reply then any "in-reply-to" header that exists is added so long as the two IDs are different.
  • Now using a bullet in a message turns on rich text.

14-May-06:   Updates in version 4.4 (beta 5 and 6):
  • A full-blown mail merge facility is now a standard part of the program, with its own "Merge" page in the message editor. The merge facility is very comprehensive, with support for richtext merges, attachments, merge-specified attachments, named fields and much more. The help is very extensive.
  • Autoreplace now attempts to capitalize the first word of the replacement text if the text it is replacing appears to be capitalized.
  • The Spamhalter interface has been extended to allow better interfacing between the WinPMail and Mercury versions.
  • WinPMail now calls a BearHTML function to pre-tidy HTML data before attempting to load it into HTS.
  • Some messages in the System Window are moved to debug level.
  • You can now Typethrough in the IMAP profile list
  • The program will no longer crash if there is a word in the autoreplace list that starts with an accented character.
  • Autoreplace fixes for autoreplace lists containing accented chars
  • Couple of help file typos fixed
  • Preview mode attachment/message view switch buttons fixed
  • New error dialog reporting when an error occurs writing data to disk during a message save (Ctrl+S in the message editor).
  • When using the "Import HTML file..."-option (in the right-click menu of the Message Editor window) the "Richtext"-box of the Message Editor is now automatically checked.

17-Apr-06:   Updates in version 4.4 (beta 4):
  • The Spamhalter "Explain spam classification" dialog has been totally reworked. The new version is hosted by Pegasus Mail. It also has a "Reclassify..." button that allows you to re-train the message from within the dialog.
  • There's a new splash screen.
  • To free resources any dialogs that are no longer used in the program are stripped out; if there are still some icons which don't show under Windows 98 then we have a real problem
  • A couple of dialogs with inoperative help buttons are fixed.

13-Apr-06:   Updates in version 4.4 (beta 3):
  • Spamhalter now has full help.
  • Spamhalter is now no longer called if it is not enabled.
  • The new "Default size and layout" options appear on the "Folder" menu in classic mode. It's tuned so that separate default size and layout settings are kept for normal and search folders respectively.
  • The status indicator area in preview mode now resizes and positions correctly to display the new spam/not-spam indicator.
  • Dragging and dropping messages into a closed folder now correctly calls Spamhalter as required.
  • Win98SE users, make sure to upgrade to a new OS, as we are really, really reaching the end of support for Windows 98. The program is reaching the limits of what can be done in that environment.

09-Apr-06:   Updates in version 4.4 (beta 2):
  • Using the "Train as..." options for Spamhalter now brings up a "please wait" dialog if there are more than five messages.
  • Spamhalter now has extensive help.
  • Dragging and dropping messages into a closed folder now correctly calls Spamhalter as required.
  • "Forward any attachment the message has as well" in the forward dialog box is now sticky between sessions
  • There is now a new submenu to the "Folder" menu in Classic mode; the new submenu is called "Default size and layout", and it has two sub-options:
    "Use this window's layout as default"
    "Apply default layout to this window"
    The first takes the size, position and column layout of the current window and stores it in your STATE.PMJ; in future, any folder that opens with no existing settings will inherit this layout as its default. The second option allows you apply any default layout you have created to the current window.
  • The problem noticed in v431 about the radio buttons in the forward dialog: Reformat, Wrap, Include tidy headers, No headers and All headers being one group is now split into 2 groups.

09-Apr-06:   Updates in version 4.4 (beta 1):
  • This version has new spam indicators when Spamhalter is active, and has a new configuration dialog for Spamhalter
  • Note that the "sort by spam" and "spam grouped views" now work with Spamhalter as well.

21-Mar-06:   Development for the 4.32 (currently named 4.4) has started, and the first beta announcements include:
  • The big addition is Lukas's Spamhalter Bayesian spam filter, like the one that's available for Mercury/32.
    When spamhalter is active, a number of new options become available: a configuration option appears on the "Tools" menu, and three new right-click options appear in folder lists -
    Train message(s) as Spam
    Train message(s) as Not-spam
    Explain spam classification
  • The only visible change (there are quite a few invisible ones) is a slight stylistic change to the bitmapped buttons to make them a little more obvious as buttons.
  • The convenience "Within the last 30 days" setting in Search wasn't working. It will *only* happen with that one setting - through an internal error, it will only search for messages in the last 24 hours plus 30 seconds. Fixed now.
  • The problem with the (small) font that gets used in dialogs, particularly in places like the "To" and "CC" fields in the message editor, may just have been solved.
  • It appears there is a 255 character limit (including CR/LF) to any one line in a template. Fixed.

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