David Harris: Pegasus Mail version 4.4.1 released:

Date:         Tue, 18 Jul 2006 13:49:11 +1200
From:         David Harris
Organization: Pegasus Mail, Dunedin, New Zealand
Subject: 	    Pegasus Mail v4.41 available
To:           PM-NEWS@BAMA.UA.EDU

Pegasus Mail v4.41 is now available for public release. For information 
on this release, and downloads, please visit the Pegasus Mail web 
site, http://www.pmail.com, and follow the link in the "Newsflashes" box.

For users with current support subscriptions or single-user manual 
licenses, manuals for v4.41 are available immediately - please use the 
login credentials you received when you purchases your license to 
retrieve your manuals. With the release of v4.41, all subscriptions will 
be up for renewal shortly.

Best regards,

-- David Harris --
Author, Pegasus Mail.

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