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Version 4.5 index page.
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Januari 2010:   After the release of the 4.51, the following items are changed in the program:

  • This version fixes the digest next/prev problem. You can now use those keys within a digest message.
  • SETREG.EXE has been replaced by SETPMDEFAULT.EXE, now working under more OS types, including WIndows 7.
  • The compacting folder's window is now task modal, not sys modal anymore.Thus while compacting a folder you can do other tasks on your computer, you couldn't do that before.
  • A folder problem depended on a particular type of index corruption that could have occurred in essence, a string filled its buffer in a way that prevented the terminating nul from being appended, resulting in a buffer overflow the next time the program tried to read the string, is now fixed
  • It looks as though the button disappearance problem under Windows 7 is a timing problem, probably caused by a subtle change to the order in which Windows 7 processes or issues Windows messages. Fixed now
  • A problem with libIconv bindings apparently not always correctly working have now been resolved.
  • In order to develop Pegasus Mail under Windows 7, David Harris have had to upgrade the version of Visual Studio to VS 2008 (Windows 7 won't even install the VS2003 version). This will certainly not speed up the process of developing the next version.....

  • There's been a bug logged with BugTraq claiming that Pegasus Mail has a remote buffer overflow vulnerability. The gist of the report is that if you can get a Pegasus Mail user to connect to a specially compromised POP3 server, and the server sends a particularly long error response immediately upon connection, the copy of Pegasus Mail will crash (or can theoretically be compromised). Fixed.

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