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After the release of the 4.62 version, the following items are changed or added to the program:
Build 325

  • Fix signature insertion in HTML messages when the signature is inserted after included HTML data. Variable signatures are now correctly inserted when you insert your signature into the message at compose-time (in the versions you have, if you do this, you'll be left with the "~!" marker and no variable signature).
  • The "name" header in the addressbook preview pane now appears in bold again the way it used to.
  • Add a warning for folders approaching 2GB in size. Now, if you attempt to move or copy a message into a folder that contains more than 1.95GB of data already, you'll get an error and the operation will fail gracefully. The error explains the size limit and suggests that you delete some messages from the folder or that you create a new folder instead.
  • Add some more logic to handle windows and dialogs that are outside the visible desktop area.
  • Fix the annotations interface in preview mode
  • Fix right-click context menu when clicking on an e-mail address link.
  • Enable rich-text checkbox when forwarding a message with formatted contents.
  • Fix status bar display of items longer than the current width of the display field
  • Add display of associated identity to folder information window
  • Corrected the mismatch between the 801.png and 810.png bitmaps in the filtering rule editor wizard.
  • The attachment "paperclip" indicator in the message editor front window has now gone - it was simply not possible to keep it in that form without considerable redesign. In its place, the "Attachment" tab on the tab control now changes its text to reflect the number of attachments the message has.
  • From this point on, image files will scale to fit the window in the attachment page preview area. It actually makes the preview function much more useful.
  • It is no longer possible to click buttons in the spelling checker dialog while the query about whether you'd like to start from the top of the message is showing. This has been a cause of numerous crashes in the past and it's an overdue fix.
  • The "start from top?" dialog in the spelling checker now has a "Cancel and don't send" button when that is appropriate (i.e, it's not there if you're not actually sending the message).

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