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The release of the 4.63 version has been in 2012, since then so many changes are made to the program, both for version 5.0 as for this interim release, that it's almost impossible to list them all, I will try to be as complete as possible:

Build 546
  • The new TCP/IP code is a total redevelopment of the way WinPMail does TCP/IP, and for it to be really complete, it still needs parts of WinPMail dating from pre-Windows95 days to be rewritten. Without going into too much detail, the new libraries are optimized for performance in threaded environments, whereas the old WinPMail POP3 and SMTP modules are written to share the program's main (user interface) thread. The new libraries support this type of operation, but it requires a balancing act between providing adequate TCP/IP performance and allowing the UI to continue to operate normally.
  • Session logs are now sensibly-named with the date as the filename and placed in a subdirectory
  • The "Group by week" group view was broken in all former versions of WinPMail, fixed now
  • The POP3, SMTP and IMAP profile editors all have a new option on their SSL pages that suppresses TLS during login (i.e, forces the connection to be SSLv3 only). This option allows v4.7's OpenSSL implementation to talk to older versions of Mercury still using Cryptlib.
  • Users with Verizon accounts can now use Pegasus Mail without any problem.

  • WinPMail will now handle "normalized" URLs - URLs that appear enclosed in <> in plain text messages. The program will now handle these links correctly even if they span multiple lines, and even if they are folded in bizarre places or included spaces as part of the folding process.

  • The big change is the new spelling checker. There are currently five dictionaries - US English, UK English, French (Classic and Modern spellings), German (one of several available - I just chose one more or less at random), and Czech.

Build 333
  • The IMAP code now marks messages that are deleted when retrieving them, and the display code should show them in grey with a strikethrough. This *only* works for messages that are marked as deleted when the folder is opened - it won't change the status of messages that are deleted elsewhere while the folder is open.

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