The Extensions galery for Pegasus Mail for Windows

This page is last updated 29-Jul-2007.

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Menu button extension by Bill Froelich:

With this extension you can place any file or menu function on the btton panel. Many icons are available to make clear what function is placed. You can upload your own icons as well.

Menubutton extension site

John Navas helper applications:

  • URLPROXY: Launch your favorite browser (Not needed after Version 3.0x)
  • ADRCSV: Convert addressbooks.
  • HANGUP32: Included in the version 3.01 - 32bit only.
  • PGPJN: You don't want this anymore, get QDPGP!


Formbuilder and e-mail archiver

Currently no link available....

Al kind of Mercury and PMail tools by James Haley

Addressbook conmverters, LIS2MLF, LowDisk space, many many other utilities.

James Haley's site

QDPGP by Gerard R Thomas

A PGP-shell plug-in (extension) for the latest versions of Pegasus Mail for Windows and PGP.

Updated frequently when either of the two programs has a new(er) version.


Newest version (well in 2000 it was new...) of the DISABLE extension is available. Filename DISABL32.ZIP. With this extension you can disable the use of some functions or features. It includes bwc32.dll which must be placed in the Program directory. You can use this (among other things) to disable the change user function in the file menu.

Disable extension

Header Extension by Gerard R Thomas

X-Header Extension for Pegasus Mail (win32). Write your own X-Headers into each message. 17 KB Freeware. Download the zip file (Note you can do the same withing Pegasus Mail in the Special tab in the message editor.

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