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This page is updated on 12-Mar-2010.

Large US dictionary

David Harris once created a much larger dictionary for US. Larger means here, that it contains a lot more words. The zip file comes with an instruction in the readme.txt file. There is no UK version available.


Previous versions of Pegasus Mail for Windows and the Mercury Mail Transport system, needed this Borland control dll. The most recent Pegasus Mail versions do not need those files anymore, but some extensions do.
For those who do need the dll's, click the line below.
The bwcc.dll should be placed in the \WINDOWS directory and the BWCC32.DLL (on Win95/98 only) in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory). (109704 bytes)


This file is supposed to be installed on every win98 system. Some reports came in that this file was missing.
You can download this file for Windows98 (taken from my English version from the Windows98 "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM" directory) or NT 4.0 by clicking below. (2167 bytes) (1852 bytes)


This file is needed when you want to integrate Pegasus Mail for Windows woth Netscape 4.x version.
The file is part of the stand alone Netscape Navigator and is NOT included in most Netscape comunicator packages.
You can download this Netscape by clicking below. The file should be unzipped into the <path>\Netscape\Communicator\Program directory. (21774 bytes)


Sometimes an attachment comes in that cannot be decoded by Pegasus Mail for Windows. This program Xferpro 1.11 can decode even parts of files. It will not run on Windows NT (as far as I'm informed as it needs DOS). (143751 bytes)

RQUOTES by Mark Zec

It's a small program to take a source file and process it in the correct format for use in the RQUOTES.R file. (29Kb)

Make Quote V1.11

It's a small program to take a source file and process it in the correct format for use in the RQUOTES.R file. (10723 bytes)


Old pmf style attachments are sometimes left in the Home Mailbox location, while the message has already been deleted. This program checks for orphaned *.PMF files throughout a Novell network. (11560 bytes)


Ever deleted a file in Windows 95 (the program will not run on DOS or NT) and wanted it back? If it is possible, this program (Recover 4 all) from the German Stefan Kaus, will recover it.
One of the better programs created lately (My personal ranking <grin>).

R4A.exe version 0.23 (196321 bytes)


This extension provides a method to invoke virus checking when attachments are saved to a disk location or opened for viewing. This extension is offered to the public domain as freeware by the author Martin Ireland.

virscan on the community

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